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About Pbody Dsign

Pbody Dsign began during an artist residency in Brittany, France. There, sketchbooks were filled with drawings of women in traditional Breton dress whimsically exaggerated in playful situations. Many of these ended up on a variety of dishware. Later elements from the garden [squirrels, snakes, birds, trees], vintage shops, travel and history inspired new wares in ceramics, cloth, and as linocut and letterpress prints.

Drawing is always the starting point for each piece we make. Our limited edition ceramics are individually hand-painted in small batches.

Let us know if you’d like something marked “sold”. Re-editioning existing patterns is possible, as are requests for custom work.

We’d love to be working with you!


Whitney Sherman began Pbody Dsign in 2006. She loves experimenting with materials, using her years as an award-winning illustrator and educator to inform her work. Her book Playing with Sketches is chocked full of creative exercises and has been the basis for numerous workshops in the United States, Mexico and China.


Husband Paul Ryan joined Pbody Dsign in 2018. He is trained as a painter and worked as a print designer until he decided his organizational skills, digital expertise, endless patience, and love of Whitney’s work would make for another great partnership.

He routinely offers sobering advice that Whitney sometimes takes.